Sunday, March 3, 2013

Demonstration of sub-surface 3-D imaging capability
With the recent development of improved 3D imaging, ARP’s terahertz scanner is now capable of “seeing” inside of wafers and other opaque substrates.  A scanning image is generated pinpointing location and size of particulate, void, and other defects.  In addition, defect size is quantified by to-the-scale direct measurements.  It also visualizes the defects on the nanometer scale.  As example is shown in Fig.1 and Fig.2 shows a 360° view of the same.
Fig. 1. Snap shot of patterns on a wafer (not in scale).
Fig. 2. A 360° inside view of the object in Fig. 1.

The terahertz sub-surface scanner from ARP is a user friendly, easy to use machine.  All operations are automated via included software.  The machine exhibits an unprecedented resolution of a few nanometers in 3 axial directions.  Yet scanning is fast.  Screen shot of measurement console shown in Fig. 3.  All parameters are entered by the front-end interface.  Measured data are accessible for further manipulations.
Fig. 3.  Screen shot of measurement console.
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